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Your MoveoMed-Team

Our Office

MoveoMed GmbH
Gartenstraße 34a
01445 Radebeul

Tel:      0049 (0)351 / 4 26 43 000
Fax:     0049 (0)351 / 4 26 43 00 88

The company


Growth through innovation in the sanitary hygiene area and the development of international sales partners or cooperation.

Our vision

Working with staff who contribute their strengths, we want to promote the continuous development of our own patent protected products. Together with cooperation partners we make those products accessible across the world.

Our mission

“We make a difference in hygiene and disinfection”. It is our intention to be true to this motto, to make a useful contribution to the prevention of nosocomial infections.

We think the employees of our company are the basis of our success. That is why we place value on our employees providing their skills and their performance for the benefit of the company and extend their knowledge continuously.