The story - from the first simple attempts to the product ready for series production

The history of MoveoSiphon

Odour traps are commonly known germ reservoirs and origin of the transmission of pathogens and patient colonization. Practical solutions to exclude the odour trap as pathogenic source did not exist for a long time.

First attempts

To prevent the bacterial growth in drain pipes Prof. Döring and his employees did some tests at university hospital in Tübingen. They heated the drain pipes up to 70 degrees and succeeded in getting the hands of the staff free from P. aeruginosa cultures after hand washing.1 In the 90s opportunities were sought for the disinfection of wash basins (odour traps) of mucoviscidosis patients but the thermal disinfection turned out to be uncontrollable and the use of peracetic acid too cost-intensive.2

Successful technical solution

In 1996 Dr. Schluttig (Biorec/Lauta) started the development of a self-disinfecting odour trap aiming at the prevention of biofilm formation and bioaerosol formation. The result of this development was a safe and validated disinfection system: the medical hygiene siphon Biorec.

First successful tests of the Biorec-system took place at the university hospital Tübingen in 1999.2


In 2002 a long-term study was carried out at the “Oberlausitz-Klinikum Bischofswerda”. The pathogen statistics and the data collection of nosocomial infections showed a significant decrease in patient colonization and occurrence of nosocomial infections after the installation of the Biorec devices.3,4

Even tests at a neonatal intensive care unit showed that the combination of continuous thermal disinfection with low frequency vibration of the Biorec hygiene siphon prevents the biofilm formation and eliminates the siphon as bacterial reservoir. Thus, the Biorec hygiene siphon is an efficient technology that stops the airborne transmission of nosocomial pathogens by odour traps.5

In 2004 the hygiene siphon was integrated in the Water Safety Plan of the University Hospital of Greifswald.6

Successful usage in Germany and foreign countries

Since 1st September 2012 the hygiene siphon is manufactured and refined by MoveoMed GmbH in Radebeul nearby Dresden. The sonothermal disinfection system is since then marketed under the brand name “MoveoSiphon“. Several publications and case reports from hospitals in Germany, The Netherlands and Canada document the effective operation (see Downloads).



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